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C6/Z06 Chrome Emblem Installation Instructions
** Do not install at temperatures below 60 degrees F **
** Surface of where Emblem is to be attached must be clean and dry prior to installation **

Recommended items for Installation:

Surgical Gloves (non latex)
X-acto Knife
Blue Painters Tape
Wall Paper Seam Roller
Cotton Towel

:: Step 1 ::
Place Emblem in desired location, do not remove the protective adhesive release liner at this time, this step is for positioning only. Please note, the protective release liner on the 430HP and 436HP Emblems may need to be trimmed around the perimeter before preceding to Step 2. Two sets of hands will be needed when installing emblems on vertical surfaces.

:: Step 2 ::
Using the blue painters tape, create a box around the perimeter of the Emblem leaving a space of approx 1/16" to 1/8" between the Emblem and the edge of the tape.

:: Step 3 ::
Set Emblem aside and clean the surface inside the box with the alcohol wipe supplied with the Emblem and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Wait 5 minutes.

:: Step 4 ::
With surgical gloves on (to minimize contact with adhesive), remove the Red adhesive release liner on the back of the Emblem using an X-acto knife starting at a corner on either end and slowly work your way through \until the release liner is completely removed. Be careful not to pull up the adhesive from the Emblem.

:: Step 5 ::
Center the Emblem within the box and attach pressing down firmly. Please note the adhesive is aggressive and will not allow for adjustment after attaching so go slow.

:: Step 6 ::
Place a heavy cotton towel over the Emblem and apply firm downward pressure with the wall paper seam roller in a back and forth/up and down motion to ensure good adhesive contact.
C6/Z06 Chrome Emblem Removal Instructions

:: Step 1 ::
Pointed at the Emblem, use a blow dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive.

:: Step 2 ::
Use fishing line or dental floss and saw through the adhesive using a back and forth motion.

:: Step 3 ::
Apply an adhesive remover to eliminate any excess adhesive.

Disclaimer: Top Flight Reproductions assumes no liability for damage to the car when installing or removing Emblems. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the placement, attachment and removal of this product.
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